pet shipping from germany to usa


Care 4 Cargo GmbH

Cargo City South
Bldg. 534, Office 4080
60549 Frankfurt Airport




T: +49 (0)69 968 640 91
F: +49 (0)69 968 640 92



Care 4 Cargo GmbH is certified for Live Animal Transports by road and by air. Your contact for petshipping from or to Germany, dogs and cats. We do pet shipping for private owners and breeders from Germany to all around the world, or visaversa, mainly by air.

As a freight forwarder we have livestock shipments on a regular basis. By the regularity we can offer better rates to move your livestock. Care 4 Cargo works close with the most reliable airliners within the industry and agents to give our customers the best possible service.